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Software Testing Training: Learn Manual and Automated Testing Techniques

Enhance your skills with comprehensive software testing training. Join us for expert-led courses covering manual and automated testing techniques. Start your journey toward becoming a proficient software tester today.

Software Testing


Starting a career in software testing – manual or automated is a crucial first step for people from a variety of backgrounds. The following qualifications are required for this certification path:

Experience in Manual Testing
Strong on-premises IT experience and understanding of automation tools

Course Overview

Software Testing (Manual & Automation) provides a thorough and practical method for learning the fundamentals of software quality assurance. This course, which covers both manual and automated testing, is intended for people with an IT experience or those who want to work in the software testing industry. This comprehensive course covers a range of topics essential for success of ISTQB exam.

  1. Course Objectives: Upon completion of this course, participants will:
  2. Understand the fundamentals concepts of Software Testing
  3. Gain proficiency in test case design, execution, and defect reporting.
  4. Examine different categories of testing, including functional, non-functional, and regression testing.
  5. Learn how to make good test plans and test cases, and understand how to write down the results of tests and create detailed test reports.
  6. Get a clear understanding of how defects are handled throughout the testing process and learn how to communicate well and work together with the development team to fix issues.
  7. Learn why automation is important in testing and discover different tools used for automated testing along with their features.
  8. Practice what you’ve learned by working on real projects and doing hands-on activities and practical exercises. Get experience in both manual and automated testing situations.

Course Outline:

  1. Introduction to Software Testing:

    • Overview the purpose and advantages of testing.
    • foundational principles of software testing in SDLC
  2. Manual Testing Fundamentals:

    • Test Case Design and Implementation.
    • Tracking and reporting defects.
  3. Types and Levels of Testing

    • Testing for functionality, non-functionality, and regression
    • Unit, Integration, System, and Acceptance Testing Testing Levels.
  4. Test Planning and Documentation:

    • Formulating Robust Test Plans
    • Recording and Reporting Test Cases
  5. Defect Life Cycle:

    • Understanding the Defect Life cycle
    • Collaboration with Development Teams
  6. Introduction to Automation Testing:

    • Need for Automation in Testing
    •  Overview of Automation Testing Tools
  7. Test Automation Frameworks:

    • Introduction to Test Automation Frameworks.
    • Implementing and Using Automation Frameworks
  8. Effective Test Management:

    • Resource Planning and Test Estimation
    • Test Management Tracking and Reporting
  9. Real-world project experience:

    •  Hands-on Exercises and Case Studies
    •  Application of Manual and Automation Testing Skills
  10. API Testing using Postman
    • API queries

Career Advancement:

  • Empower individuals to progress in their careers by obtaining a recognized certification that aligns with industry demands and standards.

Industry Recognition:

  • Provide training that is valued by employers, ensuring that certified individuals are recognized and sought after in the competitive job market.
AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate

Delivery Method: Instructor-led classroom sessions, providing a hands-on and interactive learning experience.

Assessment and Certification:

  • Weekly quizzes and assignments.
  • Hands-on labs and projects.
  • Mock exams to simulate the ISTQB exam.
  • Course completion certificate.

Prerequisites: Participants should have a basic understanding of Testing concepts.

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